OZ-20 Venue

“Our new Base” in Germany as of OZ-20 will be the

Olpe City Hall

Pannenklöpperstraße 4 | D-57462 Olpe

“New” means more space, better technical environment and a better feeling, since new also addresses surprising changes at Wenden policy.
Until OZ-18, this has been the townhouse of Wenden which the mayor of Wenden City, formerly Mr. Peter Brüser and lately Mr. Bernd Clemens kindly provided to us free of charge until OZ-16.

[Gemeinde Wenden. Der Bürgermeister]

[Rathaus Wenden | Hauptstraße 75 | D-57482 Wenden]

Even in during OZ-18, when the Wenden townhouse was also the base of one of the Zoz Zero Emission Vehicles that was provided to the municipality for every-day utilization, this has not been possible any longer. Some German financial authorities revision claimed unequal treatment to others – which shows nicely the “sometimes very nonsense” of German regulation. In result, in 2018, OZ-Symposia was heavily charged for room. In order not to increase nor double the simple compensation flat rate of Euro 25,00 for attending OZ-symposium, we have decided to leave Wenden and move to the City of Olpe next door. The Olpe City Hall is not provided free of charge but on excellent conditions which is very much appreciated. Thank you Major Peter Weber at Olpe !


Olpe City Hall, new venue as of OZ-20

The Wenden townhouse, former venue until OZ-18