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E-Mail-circular 06 | April 2018 [December 2018]

10th International | 10th German-Japanese
Symposium on Nanostructures
March 4-6, 2018, Wenden, Germany

Thank you for being a part of OZ-18 !

Dear colleagues and dear ALL,

thank you so much for being with us this March at Wenden for joining and contribution to OZ-18, the Nanostructures Symposium.

As announced we had seen 66 presentations from 20 countries at zero cancellation. Just on the political end, Ambassador S. E. Nussupov could not make it due to some dental surgery and Prof. Klaus Töpfer had to be rescheduled to Tuesday and then did talk to us not onsite but connected via Skype.

We have seen an Expo-flooded townhouse with 36 exhibitors from 11 countries.

Argentina, Austria, Czech Republic, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russian Federation, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, USA


This E-mail-Circular comes for second time [December 2018].

We are sending this E-Mail circular a second time since we have received numerous claims that the original was not received. We do send this now into the entire OZ-circular and do apologise for double-mail to those who did not ask for it. In fact also to those who did. Since this is so, please find latest update info for the next symposium at the end.

Please find the LINK to the OZ-18 proceedings right here:

OZ-18 proceedings

Once you enter, please use the password:

OZ-18-nice !

The impressions (quite huge photo gallery) are open on the OZ-18 website right here:

OZ-18 impressions


For more details you may scroll down.

Thank You very much and SEE YOU soon again.

Update OZ-19, OZ-20 [December 2018].

After long discussions for and back we have agreed, that neither Korea, nor Sri Lanka nor Mexico we able to provide a convenient on-site organisation for OZ-19. Thus OZ-19 will be skipped and next meeting OZ-20 will take place in Germany again. Here we will most probably move from the Wenden townhouse to the larger Olpe city hall nearby. We will try to sending out the first announcement before Xmas.

It is our honour and pleasure to already announce the ceremonial lecture for OZ-20 that is kindly confirmed by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wagner, former Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics; Prof. em. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University, Greifswald; President of the European Physical Society 2007-09:

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wagner at the fusion-experiment "Wendelstein 7-X"

And we are same and very proud to already announce keynote contributions for OZ-20 from APR-CEO Andrea Romiti, Prof. Pawel Zieba, Director at Polish Academy of Sciences and Gemch-CEO Kevin Zhuang:


Looking back on OZ-18

[OZ-18: addresses, opening, ceremonial lecture]


On society & political support from Germany & Europe we are very much honored to announce addresses from Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs & Energy [click for video] as well as Günther Oettinger, Commissioner of the European Union [click for PDF] for Budget & HR and former State Prime Minister of Baden-Wuertenberg.


On industrial and hightech support we are very proud to announce the address from Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Chairman of OttoBock Group, a global technology leader in health care products as well as on academic support, the address from Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, the 10th President of Fraunhofer Society, Europe's largest research organization.

The Welcoming session will start on Monday, March 05

[OZ-18: opening, ceremonial lecture]


The political opening onsite at Wenden will kindly be guided by Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. Being the Federal Environmental Minister in the Kohl-cabinet, Under Secretary General of the United Nations, General director of the UNO office Nairobi and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, he is the founding director (BMBF) of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) at Potsdam, Germany. He has been on the Board of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction and is an important protagonist for a good relationship between Germany and its eastern neighbors in Eurasia. In a great match to this, we are proud to welcome H. E. Bolat Nussupov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country providing qualitatively the best and quantitatively the most High Carbon Ferrochrome, the indispensable resource e. g. for manufacturing ball bearing or tool-steels, almost 8 times larger than Germany at 4-5 times less population.


Initiated by a project with Guadalupe/Zacatecas/Mexico, where nanostructured high performance concrete is used for the 47m high statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, thus larger than Christ of Corcovado at Rio Janeiro (39.5m) or the Statue of Liberty New York (37m), it will be our honor to welcome the President of Guadalupe Zacatecas, Sen. Enriques Flores Mendoza at Wenden and appreciate a video message from the Zacatecas Governor H. E. Alejandro Tello Cristerna expressing his invitation to hosting OZ-symposium in 2019 or 2021 at Zacatecas.

For the opening-address on behalf of industry, Paolo Poma, CFO and General Manager of Lamborghini, one of the, maybe the global leader in super-sports-cars had initially confirmed. However, due to the overlapping of OZ-18 and Geneva autoshow, he finally had to quit and instead of this sent us a video message with the Aventador in the back [click for video] stating to meet us soon, thus OZ-19 or 20, next or the next year.

In a brilliant direct interaction on large industry and politics, H. E. Prof. Dr. Ihy-Wey Shieh, Representative of Taiwan in Germany will kindly open the floor to the ceremonial lecture by Dr. Chien-Yung Ma coming over from Taiwan. He is the Chairman of Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. in Tainan, representing the largest optical data storage thin film manufacturer worldwide. As a global leader in precious metal and rare material refining, we find his products e. g. in all our consumer electronics.

Scientific highlights are fixed e. g. within the global strategic activities in ODS and ODS-NFA materials including revitalization of PM2000ff and lightweight-strengthening, within Additive Manufacturing and Nanostructures in Civil Engineering, which all will be reflected in the OZ-18 exhibition as well.

On Sunday March 4, 2018 upfront the welcoming reception of OZ-18, the EUREKA-cluster Metallurgy Europe will hold a board-meeting at Zoz Technology Center (ZTC) at Olpe. A limited number of OZ-18 attendees will find access and right after join the welcoming reception of OZ-18 at the Wenden Townhouse nearby.

On Wednesday, March 7, right after OZ-18, the Nanotun3D-day will represent an important step in the dissemination of PM2019, the novel dispersion strengthened Ti-6Al-4V-0,5dps powder/bulk where the nanostructured powder composites are "pre-consolidated" by HIP and HP and subsequently atomized by EIGA to be commercialized in SLM and EBM processing. The consortiums target covers commercial powder products particularly for Additive Manufacturing processing.

PM2019 is resulting from the ongoing Nanotun3D EU-H2020 funded undertaking (grant agreement 685952), dispersoids (dps) are Y2O3, SiC and core-shell SiC@TiO2. This special interest program including some online processing demonstrations powder (HKP) and bulk (HIC) addresses not only the Nanotun3D industrial advisory board but also all OZ-18 attendees, pre-registry requested.

OZ-18 was held from March 04-06, 2018 at Wenden/Olpe in Germany at the same location where OZ-16, OZ-14, OZ-12 and OZ-10 have been organised. OZ-Symposium has been held annually since 2008 alternating between Germany and Japan. The first session-day is always the first Monday in the month of March. The Sunday before is for arrival, registration and get-together and insofar is listed in the schedule. The conference dinner / party [meet'n'greet] will always be on Monday evening. Since OZ-17 in Japan has been skipped, OZ-18 is the 10th meeting. After OZ-18, the symposium is planned to alternate annually between Germany and other strategic countries such as Korea, Mexico, Russia, USA, China, and others.

Please block also your calendar for OZ-20 and please consider that also and even a small table top expo from your company/from your organization does stimulate discussion and interaction very much !

Once you browse the OZ-website you will find out, that we are working hard to make your trip to and in Germany very easy and also and again very cost effective which shall be a good platform for a good successful meeting.

Further announcements will be given by frequent updates of this website and also by email-circulars. If you are not already but want to be on the emailing-list, please click here.

Thank You very much and we hope to SEE YOU again.

Monte Cassim, Sebastian Diaz, Henning Zoz, Jai Sung Lee, Hans Fecht & Detlef Müller-Wiesner

Technical Program:

OZ-symposia do provide a small but first-class technical program to cover aspects in the growing niche and at the same time super important field of nanostructured materials in applied science and technology - to make more with less - more benefit to mankind, with less material:

- High Kinetic Processing (MA, HEM, RM)
- Severe Plastic Deformation, BioProcessing
- Microstructural Design, Nano-Meso-Hybride Structures
- Sintered Metal/Ceramic & Compaction
- MIM, CIM, Spark Plasma Sintering
- Plasma Coating Techniques
- Additive Manufacturing

in “nanostructure” applications such as
- Nanocrystalline & Amorphous Materials
- Carbon Nanotube utilization
- M/C-Polymer compounds & WPC
- Solid State Chemistry
- Construction Materials Cement/Concrete
- Fabrication of FuelCell, H2-Tank & Battery

in the field of advanced materials for industry, life, energy and nature-saving.

Session Chairpersons to OZ-18

Symposium Organizer:

The OZ-18 chief-organizers are Prof. Monte Cassim / Ritsumeikan, Prof. Sebastian Diaz / CIITEC, Prof. Henning Zoz / Zoz, Prof. Jai Sung Lee / Hanyang, Prof. Hans Fecht / Ulm-IMN and EUREKA and Dr. Detlef Müller-Wiesner / Airbus.

For detailed information about location, venue, accommodation, general schedule, registration, proper abstract submission, manuscripts & posters, exhibition, conference guide advertisement, social/cultural program, travel, history review and downloads, please refer to the website.

Visit us !

More information please find here OZ-website or call us at +49-2762-97560 and refer to OZ-18


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