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[OZ-21: opening & ceremonial lecture]


[OZ-20: addresses]


On social-political-economic support, we very much appreciate the written addresses from Alexander Mitsch, spokesman of WerteUnion and Beibut Atamkulow, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan. Minister Atamkulow may join the opening session, which in positive case will be decided right to date. Also we had requested the Prime Minister of NRW-state Armin Laschet, to join us for the opening, however this Friday were informed, that he cannot make it. Next time, for sure we will invite him again.


Virtually as the landlord of the venue, Peter Weber, Major of Olpe will welcome us at the Olpe Cityhall. Likewise, we are looking forward to Klaus Gräbener, Managing Director of the Siegen Chamber of Commerce, giving us some words representing local industry and trade.

The Welcoming session will start on Monday, March 03

The Welcome-Address on behalf of German Heavy Industry will be kindly provided by Dr. Andreas Topp, R&D Responsible for Material and Process at Continental on “future mobility, transformation, and the need for alliances and cooperation with the example of TaraxagumTM (dandelion tire undertaking) and beyond”.

Andrea Romiti, CEO of APR S.r.l., also representing Torino Entrepreneurial Association, will provide us words on behalf of Italia Industry. APR is 1 of the 4 Italian key aerospace companies providing to Pratt & Whitney`s advanced F135 engines for the 5th gen. F-35 fighter aircraft.

As a Welcome from the Middle East and for a short Economic-Ecologic Address from Saudi Arabia, Dr. Emad El Dukair is going to join us at Olpe. He is the Chairman of the Saudi British Joint Business Council and a Member of the Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Enterprise Investment Council. He is also Chairman of InterHealth Saudi Arabia, a part of the Global InterHealth Canada Corporation, concentrating on PPPs in Healthcare Globally.

This year’s Ceremonial Lecture (on Nuclear Fusion) is kindly contributed by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wagner, former Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, Prof. em. Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University, Greifswald and the President of the European Physical Society from 2007 through 2009.

And last but not least at all, Prof. Klaus Töpfer, Federal Minister & UNO General Director a. D. will join us again, this time via skype on plan. For those who could not attended OZ-18, that is what he prospectively offered and that is, what we appreciate very much. This is most probably not going to happen during the opening session, but any time over the 2 session days.

[OZ-18: addresses]


Brigitte Zypries,
Federal Minister for Economics & Energy

Günther Oettinger, Commissioner of the
European Union

On society & political support from Germany & Europe we are very much honored to announce addresses from Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs & Energy [click for video] as well as Günther Oettinger, Commissioner of the European Union [click for PDF] for Budget & HR and former State Prime Minister of Baden-Wuertenberg.

Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Chairman OttoBock Group

Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer,
President of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

On industrial and hightech support we are very proud to announce the address from Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Chairman of OttoBock Group, a global technology leader in health care products as well as on academic support, the address from Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, the 10th President of Fraunhofer Society, Europe’s largest research organization.

[OZ-18: opening & ceremonial lecture]

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer,
Federal Minister & UNO General Director a. D.

H. E. Bolat Nussupov,
Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Germany

The political opening onsite at Wenden will kindly be guided by Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer. Being the Federal Environmental Minister in the Kohl-cabinet, Under Secretary General of the United Nations, General director of the UNO office Nairobi and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, he is the founding director (BMBF) of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) at Potsdam, Germany. He has been on the Board of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction and is an important protagonist for a good relationship between Germany and its eastern neighbors in Eurasia. In a great match to this, we are proud to welcome H. E. Bolat Nussupov, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country providing qualitatively the best and quantitatively the most High Carbon Ferrochrome, the indispensable resource e. g. for manufacturing ball bearing or tool-steels, almost 8 times larger than Germany at 4-5 times less population.

Sen. Enriques Flores Mendoza,
President Municipal de Guadalupe
H. E. Alejandro Tello Cristerna,
Governor of Zacatecas

Initiated by an ongoing huge project with Guadalupe/Zacatecas/Mexico, where nanostructured high performance concrete is used for the 47m high statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, thus larger than Christ of Corcovado at Rio Janeiro (39.5m) or the Statue of Liberty New York (37m), it will be our honor to welcome the President of Guadalupe Zacatecas, Sen. Enriques Flores Mendoza at Wenden and appreciate a video message from the Zacatecas Governor H. E. Alejandro Tello Cristerna expressing his invitation to hosting OZ-symposium in 2019 or 2021 at Zacatecas.

For the opening-address on behalf of industry, Paolo Poma, CFO and General Manager of Lamborghini, one of the, maybe the global leader in super-sports-cars had initially confirmed. However, due to the overlapping of OZ-18 and Geneva autoshow, he finally had to quit and instead of this sent us a video message with the Aventador in the back [click for video] stating to meet us soon, thus OZ-19 or 20, next or the next year.

Paolo Poma,
CFO and General Manager,
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., Italy
H. E. Prof. Dr. Ihy-Wey Shieh,
Representative of Taiwan in Germany

Dr. Chien-Yung Ma,
Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp., Taiwan


In a brilliant direct interaction on large industry and politics, H. E. Prof. Dr. Ihy-Wey Shieh, Representative of Taiwan in Germany will kindly open the floor to the ceremonial lecture by Dr. Chien-Yung Ma coming over from Taiwan. He is the Chairman of Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. in Tainan, representing the largest optical data storage thin film manufacturer worldwide. As a global leader in precious metal and rare material refining, we find his products e. g. in all our consumer electronics.

Adresses OZ-20

Beibut Atamkulow,
Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan
MitschAlexander Mitsch,
Chairman of WerteUnion (CDU/CSU)


Adresses OZ-18

TöpferProf. Dr. Klaus Töpfer,
Federal Minister & UNO General Director a. D.
PomaPaolo Poma,
CFO and General Manager,
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., Italy
Greeting from Paolo Poma
neugebauerProf. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer
President of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Greeting from Prof. Dr. Reimund Neugebauer
voordeBrigitte Zypries
Federal Minister for Economics & Energy
Greeting from Brigitte Zypries
voordeGünther Oettinger
Commissioner of the European Union
Greeting from Günther Oettinger
voordeProf. Hans Georg Naeder
President of Otto Bock Health Care GmbH
Greeting from Prof. Hans Georg Naeder

Adresses OZ-16

voordeProf. Dr. Johann D. Woerner
Director General, European Space Agency
Greeting from Prof. Dr. Johann D. Woerner

heinrechtDr. Frank Heinricht
Chairman of the Board
Schott AG
Greeting from Dr. Frank Heinricht

baraissThomas Bareiss
Representative for Energy Policy of the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group
Greeting from Thomas Bareiss


voordeProf. Dr. Marcel Van De Voorde
European Institutions,
Science Council of the French Senate
Greeting from Prof. Dr. Marcel Van De Voorde


Adresses OZ-15

HintzePeter Hintze
Vice President of the German Parliament
Greeting from Peter Hintze

BottiDr. Jean Botti
CTO at Airbus Group
Greeting from Dr. Jean Botti


Adresses OZ-14

ChubaisAnatoli Chubais
Greeting from Anatoli Chubais

Greeting Chubais
wissmannMatthias Wissmann
Greeting from Matthias Wissmann


Adresses OZ-13

AltmaierPeter Altmaier
Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Greeting from Peter Altmaier

Greeting Altmaier
tokamanis_bildChristos Tokamanis
Head of Directorate G - Industrial technologies
G.4 - Nano sciences & Nano Technologies
Greeting from Christos Tokamanis
Prof. Dr. Hideshi Miura II_croppedProf. Dr. Hideshi Miura
President of Japan Society of Powder Metallurgy
Greeting from Prof. Dr. Hideshi Miura

Adresses OZ-12

rösslerPhilipp Rösler
Federal Minister of Economics and Technology
Greeting from Philipp Rösler
voigtsbergerKurt Voigtsberger
Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport
of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
Greeting from Kurt Voigtsberger
remmelJohannes Remmel
Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Greeting from Johannes Remmel