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Ohne Kinder keine Zukunft

No children no future

The very basics, bringing us together is far not at last humanity. Another thing we all do have in common, is our childhood. Not yet, we all share the best amazing and most beautiful experience of being parents, some few of us even never can. Another tragic thing is, that you only know about the real beauty of having children, once you really are a mother or a father. Those who do, are the well happy ambassadors for broadcasting the lovely miracle of life, for evolution and survival.


Make more with less.

Once we spend our life in high technology and super materials, once we try to bring up better, cleaner, more effective and efficient technologies into commercialization to the benefit of mankind, which equals to the benefit of nature and environment, once we do all this, we shall not forget our roots.
We all have been babies and most of us were blessed with known parents and family. Parents and family are, what every baby needs most to having a secure and great platform, to develop and to get ready for this world. Without family, the strongest cell in humanity, the best teacher in life, the best insurance and backup for babies and youngsters, evolution would lose in creativity, our children would lose creativity.

The simple question for survival.

The tragedy in creation is, that the more modern a society has become, not only the higher the innovation barrier rises – also the birth rate is decreasing dramatically. Today, some of these societies simply by numbers are unable to reproduce themselves, which describes nothing but a disaster.
The social-political drivers have to learn again what is important.


How can children not be a blessing but a burden ?!

How can we bring PC-tablets to the primary schools, understanding that this defeats creativity and senses of the youngest, smallest and most hungry family members ?

How can we allow to damage families and particularly mothers that much and both, societal and economically, that babies must be carried away to kinder-garden at younger and younger age ?

Irrational but true, e.g. in Germany a regulation by law for animals does protect, while babies are not protected in having a right of such basic experience with mother and father.

It’s the time.

Don’t forget, we are all a kind of animals, we are a part of life on this planet. That of course reminds us, how to treat all life and all nature in this wonderful world. And that does include ourselves and our roots, our babies as well as our seniors.

All of us, and this is fully gender-free, we do have a father and we do have a mother, given by creation. Likewise, we all have a grandma and we all have a grandpa, even some of us have never met them.


Foundation in future for Children at the OZ-exhibition.

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No Children No Future