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In 2014, Dr. Min Cheol Kang, the Executive Director of the Korea Magnesium Technology Research Association (KMTRA) located in Changwon City in Korea attended the OZ-14 Symposium in Germany.


Magnesium alloys are the lightest structural metals, and have good physical and mechanical properties that make them extremely attractive for applications requiring light-weight materials which does explain Dr. Kang`s interest in the Nanostructure-meetings.

Dr. Kang has a private hobby which is photographing and he developed this to excellence – which everybody could enjoy right after seeing the first of his photos from OZ-14:


OZ-14 colleagues in front of BMFB nanoTruck   |   Dr. Kang during his Magnesium-presentation at OZ-15

Then we requested him to kindly also join us in Japan and contribute to OZ-15 and he did so and enjoyed and we received again top-professional memories from that event which every attendee appreciated very much ! Thank You Dr. Kang !

From that time on we always hope to have him with us not only for the photos but also for the photos – that give us an excellent memory. So it happened after OZ-16, OZ-18 and OZ-20 !


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