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We offer a colored full-page advertising for participating companies and institutions against a compensation fee of 25 EURO.

This is limited to 10 pages based on first to come.

If you are interested please send us a short email to


We need your data until January 15, 2022 !



formats of compressed files
Please provide your data exclusively as JPEG or PDF  files to us. For faulty or poor printing results due to other file formats or conversion errors, we assume no liability. For other formats, please just contact us.

The minimum resolution of your data should be 300 dpi – be dots per inch (dots per inch). Data below 300 dpi lead to a poorer printed result.

delivery of Data
Your finished data (max. 10 MB), please send via e-mail to: OZ@zoz.de

important ! 
PowerPoint, Word + Excel documents cannot be used for printing purposes.

Size of print file 152 mm x 214 mm
Final Format 148 mm x 210 mm
Bleed/trim allowance 2 mm

former and present adds

Safety margin 3 mm  PDF Download
accepted file formats JPG, PDF
Resolution 300 dpi
Color space CMYK


Bleed/trim allowance
While producing print products there might occur cutting tolerances. Color areas, pictures and graphics, which expand to the margin of the page, have to be placed with a trim allowance. The trim allowance hat to exceed the open format 2 mm. Otherwise your print result might be dissatisfactory.

Safety margin
Due to adding a safety margin you can prevent unwanted results. Please make sure to layout text, pictures, logos or other important elements of 3 mm from the edge.