OZ-18 Technical Excursion


Technical Excursion to ZTC

Excursion No. 1 on Monday will head to the HZG Hydrogen Technology Centre at Olpe under the roof of ZTC (nearby the OZ-18 venue), kindly guided by Prof. Klassen and Prof. Kaysser. There we will see HZG`s large scale semi-automatic closed manufacturing system for complex light metal hydrides for prototype hydrogen storage tanks. We have also requested a visit at the Fraunhofer-IME “Dandelion Rubber Extraction Facility Olpe” next door which is not approved yet. In any case Prof. Prüfer from FHG-IME and Dr. Recker from Continental will be part of OZ-16.

At the Zoz Technology Center we will also see the processing units of high performance cement/concrete (FuturZement|FuturBeton), those for ODS/NFA-alloys, the manufacturing of Zentallium® (Al-CNT composite) semi-finished products and other.


Zoz Technology Center (ZTC), Raiffeisenstrasse 17, D-57462 Olpe


Technical Excursion to ZCS


Excursion No. 2 on Tuesday will head out to the Zoz Center Siegen (ZCS, walking distance from the conference hotel) with its Zoz-Mobility Store, the Siegen Competence Center for E-Mobility, the Hagelauer Liquor Fabrication and the Villa ZCS where we find a Fuel-Cell (PEMFC + reformer) in the base for heat and power generation, nanostructured FuturBeton up the front, Zentallium® up in the roof-crown as well as FuturBeton-Eagles on the fence-structure. Here also starts the Siegen E-Mobility Mile.


ZCS: heritage I and II, here also starts the Siegen E-Mobility Mile


Hagelauer Likoerfabrik GmbH underground at Zoz Center Siegen and Zoz Mobility Store Siegen on the surface.


Villa ZCS: H2-power in the base, 12 tons FuturBeton on way up, 4,5 m roof-crown with Zentallium, FuturBeton sculptures

For other “targets” such as local steel manufacturing, automotive supply industry and large beer manufacturer, we would organize a bus tour which will depend upon attendees interest. Further info later on this website.


Zoz Technology Center


ZTC außen Schilder Fraunhofer HZG

ZTC Halle Regale Mschinen

ZTC Halle CM100 HZG

Heritage I ZCS